2018-Thursday, September 20 – Dinner, Drinks, Discussion

Please join our next Triangle CHRO Association gathering to engage in good conversation, eats, and drinks.

We’ll have a fun evening with Dan Davies, founder of the National Association of CEOs (after which TCHROA  is modeled), among other things. He will delve into his leadership journey and share his observations along the way…essentially what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be invited to share your experiences as well!

About Dan Davies

Dan DaviesBusiness leader, reader, thinker, writer, presenter, Dan is the founder and former publisher of Business Leader magazine and the former president of Business to Business Inc. In the twenty years he led the publishing company, he not only interviewed leaders and wrote about leadership, he became, and remains, a student of leadership. A keen observer of others, he noticed the traits of leaders with dedicated followers and those with reluctant followers.

He is also the creator, former producer, and moderator of The Business Leaders’ Breakfast, a monthly series on leadership which includes a presentation by a CEO, followed by a lively question and answer session. The popularity of this event led him to create another breakfast series for technology executives in the world renowned Research Triangle Park. In his capacity of publisher, president and moderator, Dan has met, interviewed and had discussions with hundreds of CEOs, company presidents, and other executives.

In 2010 he founded the National Association of Chief Executive Officers and served as the organization’s CEO and executive director until 2018. This organization served as the model for the later creation of the Triangle CHROA Association, in 2015.

Dan began his career as an educator before moving on to sales, then management positions with Gillette, Six Flags, and the North Hills corporations. He was Managing Director of Executive Search with Vaco LLC, a nationwide search firm recognized as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in both the 2008 and 2009 Inc. 500.

Triangle CHRO Board of Directors:

David Campbell, Allscripts
Florina Gordon, Liquidia Technologies
Lisa May, RTI International
Fara Palumbo, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina
Ron Tomaszewski, Butterball
Lisa van Capelle, Syneos Health
Christiaan Heijmen, Director, Triangle CHRO Association
Donna Rhode, Director, Triangle CHRO Association


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