About Our Meetings

TCHROA hosts both morning and evening meetings, to offer a variety of experiences and accommodate busy schedules.

Each meeting allows time for building relationships among members, as well as offering the opportunity to hear from interesting speakers who address current relevant topics for HR leaders.

2022-June-The Cobbler’s Children: Investing in Yourself – Member Panel: Joy Clark; Jason Kranack; Tina Krebs; Horace McCormick

Triangle CHRO Association

Friday, June 3rd 2022 from 8:00AM to 10:30AM (ET)

The Umstead: 100 Woodland Pond Dr, Cary, NC 27513


The Cobbler’s Children – Investing in Yourself

The world of HR leadership is filled with developing and executing strategies in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization. A huge focus, particularly of late, is employee health and wellbeing. But what about the health and wellbeing of the CHRO? Research shows that healthy, energetic, and focused employees are both more effective and more engaged than tired, stressed, and distracted employees….this stands for leaders as well.

Hear from fellow TCHROA members ((Joy Clark, Worldwide Clinical Trials; Jason Kranack, Phononic; Tina Krebs, Relias; Horace McCormick, Anderson Automotive Group) as they share their varied career paths, as well as ways in which they’ve managed to balance professional and personal development, and use their unique experiences to better themselves, their teams, and their organizations as a whole. This will be an opportunity to engage in dialogue with your colleagues about your own experiences around this topic.